Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best End of the Day Ever

Momma works a nine hour day on a good day, today she worked an 11 hour day. That's right, 11 hours. Momma was so tired when she got home that she didn't even stop me from jumping up on her.

She was so exhausted, but the minute she walked through the door she was greeted by the scent of lemon, oregano, and amazingly tender brown rice. I'd gotten to smell it all day, so I know she was jealous of me!

Daddy made the most fantastic dinner ever, and it soothed Momma's sad and hungry soul. It tasted of lemony goodness with the bite of oregano, and the brown rice was buttery soft. And it looked good too!
Momma's job is really involved, and she's loving making policy. Who knows, Momma thinks she might enter the Department of Education when she's all done at the United Way!

Summer is on the way!

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