Saturday, March 6, 2010

Night Two is Chicken, Or: Why I Had to Spend Dinner in the Kennel

I sometimes have a problem listening, according to Momma and Daddy. They tell me to stop licking, and I keep licking. They tell me to stop barking, and I bark again. Momma tells me to stop sassing her, and I sass back again. It's just who I am!

Anyway, the reason I bring this up because tonight I decided I was gonna ignore Momma telling me to get away from the hot oven door. Apparently she wanted to keep me from hurting myself, I think it was just another ploy from getting at that delicious chicken. It smelled so good! I just wanted one piece, maybe two, maybe three! But check it out! They used to look like this!

I thought it was all gross and stuff this way, but Momma had a way to make it taste better. She took some tasty bread crumbs, mixed them with sun-dried tomatos, garlic cloves, and oil, and then she got to play with the food processor. Momma bought it a year and a half ago, and to this date has only made this and soup. Momma doesn't use it enough according to Daddy, but the noise scares me so I'm okay with it off for a while. Like the evil vacuum monster!

The bread crumbs tasted liked good, apparently. I took a lick of the floor after Momma dropped some, and all I tasted with tomatoes. I guess tomatoes taste good, I personally prefer the sublimely subtle taste of Greenies.

Momma breaded the chicken and tossed it in the oven, and from here I have no idea what happened, cause I stopped listening well and had to spend the rest of dinner in my kennel. What I heard though told me to turned out well! Daddy made creamed spinach too, and it was nice and creamy and spinachy. Again, veggies are gross, and I was in the kennel, so I missed out.
Momma said the chicken was perfectly moist and juicy, with lot of nice tomato flavor and a hint of garlic. The spinach pair really well with the chicken, and overall both Momma and Daddy were really happy with it in the end.

Stupid kennel, I missed out on everything! Even Aunt Polly coming to visit! Momma made it up to me though, she put a carob bit in my puzzle toy. I love that thing...


  1. I like seriously think you should publicize this thing, no joke. I can see it really taking off.

  2. I'm posting it on Facebook, but I'm not sure how to get off the ground farther than that! Any thoughts?

  3. I'd create a twitter account specifically for this thing and try to get followers on that. post there too whenever you have a new blog post and maybe post random bits from your dog's day too. It might take some effort/time but i bet you could get like a ton of followers, dog lovers, people trying to lose weight, humor lovers. Search for big twitter groups about these things and just randomly follow like all their members lol and see how many follow you back.

    That's what I'd do. But that's all I've got haha.

  4. How about sharing the breading recipe? Sounds good!!