Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Don't They Ever Take Me Along?

Today Momma and Daddy went to the grocery store to stock up for their very first week of menus! They never take me along, it makes me sad. I have to sit in the kennel while their gone, cause Daddy's afraid I might chew up something again! Geez, chew two Stephen King books and a computer power cord which leads to $4000 surgery, and you're branded for life.

Anyway, while I was chowing down on my rawhide and waiting patiently for their return (they seemed like they were gone hours!), Momma and Daddy picked up a whole weeks worth of food for far less than what they used to spend! Momma was excited!

Tonight, Momma will cook Rotini with sausage, tomatos, and cream for the main dish, and Daddy will make sweet corn! It's gonna be really tasty, at least that's what Momma said. I'm gonna try and sneak some when they're not looking, it's worth a few minutes in the corner.

Uh-oh... Momma is giving me that look again.. the one that says I have to go to the room with the water and the shampoo! Time to run!

Oh the huge manatee... 

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