Sunday, March 28, 2010

Curried Shrimp and Quinoa, Momma's Back to Basics Meal

If there are two things in the world Momma loves food wise, it's the taste of spicy curried shrimp, and the way quinoa pops in her mouth. Since she has work tomorrow, and since she and Daddy had a very successful day today, Momma decided to indulge in both at the same time!

This is Momma's preferred curry mix: Vindaloo curry, ginger, minced garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, and pepper. It makes the shrimp not only spicy, but also gives it a lot of lingering flavor beyond the heat. See how pretty it looks:

The quinoa is pretty bland on it's own, it's kinda just... there. It pops in your mouth though, I actually got to sneak a few grains this time. Momma flailed a little bit when cooking and BAM! Corgi swoops in for the kill!
The shrimp smelled super tasty too, the smells in this apartment are less strong, Momma and Daddy now have a stove with a hood fan. It's also got way better lighting and a porch for me! I get to go hang out there whenever I want! Momma says it's like she and Daddy don't own a dog at all, which I think means they're more happy to have me around when I come back in, and not that they are thrilled not to be licked every second. 
This is Momma's dinner, which once again I got none of, and it's not fair. She and Daddy make all this good food, and I don't get a single little bit of it and it's not fair and I am all sad and I'm gonna go sit out on the porch now and sit with the penguin and sulk. So there.

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