Monday, March 8, 2010

Curried Shrimp, Or: Adjusting for Daddy's Ginger Hatred

Momma had a bit of a pickle with tonight's meal, Daddy hates ginger. Hates it the way I hate baths, or vacuum cleaners, or spending time in the corner, or sudden noises, or shots, or... you get the picture. The reason it was such a problem is that tonights dinner was ginger heavy, see:
That's a lot of ginger! Part of what Momma liked about this recipe was how few ingredients it had, but it wasn't until today she realized exactly how much ginger it wanted her to add. Now, I usually ignore Momma's complaining, Daddy says she could complain for the US at the Olympics, and Momma just insists it's her cultural heritage. She's a full blooded Jewish woman, and if she wants to complain, the she's darn well gonna complain. I just ignore them and chew on my fox. The only time I complain is when I don't have water, I'm hungry, I need to pee, my bed isn't right, they won't let me on the couch, I want attention, the room is too dark, they won't play with me... I barely complain at all!

Anyway, my point is Daddy hates ginger, and Momma complains like a world champion. Thus, Momma had to adjust the recipe to Daddy's taste without losing the curry flavor. This worked well, cause it gave Daddy flavor he liked, and it gave Momma something to complain about. Once Momma decided how to fix the ginger problem, everything fell into place. 

Dinner had really simple fixings, everything there went in and all Momma added was shrimp. it smelled so good! The coconut milk and the onions were fragrant and light, and the whole house smelled sweet and bright, like jasmine flowers. The shrimp absorbed all the flavors of the ginger and curry powder, and tasted like India. Momma wrapped up Daddy's portion so he could have it later, he was out helping a friend move. The rice and curry went so well together, Momma even had a second helping! Me? I got nothing but smells. It's torture! I stand by the stove, sniffing, getting underfoot, and I get nothing! Not even a close up sniff.
It's tragic, my life is so hard! Momma says I'm going stir crazy with the dog park closed. I agree, I want to play with my friends! 

This was what dinner looked like when Momma was all done: 

And this is what I looked like while I tried to get food:
I spent the rest of the night doing what I do best, driving Momma up the wall!

Also, Momma said my Gma wanted the recipe for the breading, so here it is!

2 cups bread crumbs
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, packed down
2 tablespoons of the sun-dried tomato oil
2 whole cloves garlic

Put in a processor, and blend til tomatos are coarsely chopped. 


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try that shrimp one this week!