Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surprise Dinner!

Tonight's dinner was a surprise Daddy cooked up. Momma and I were in the bedroom listening to music from the 90's, and Daddy strictly forbade us from coming into the kitchen.

It turns out he'd made a tasty skillet! He mixed potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, and eggs into a yummy mish-mash of flavor. It was even tastier when he added in salsa. Daddy is becoming a very good cook, and it certainly makes Momma happy.

Yesterday Momma, Daddy, and Auntie Leila went to see Inception. Momma and Daddy both adore Memento, and so the expectation was high for this movie. Suffice to say, neither of them was disappointed, and they're thinking of going and seeing it again. It's been a busy summer for movies! They've seen Shrek Forever, The A-Team (Momma's favorite), Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, and now Inception. That's more movies than the whole rest of the year!

Kongly Joys

A few weeks ago, my friend Gibson over at Corgi Butts posted about the new Kong Wobbler. He had a lot of fun with it, and Momma and Daddy decided to take a look for themselves.

I figured it out pretty quick, but I keep running it into corners. Daddy's filled it twice now, and I'm almost done with my second round. Momma thinks that it might make me eat slower and be less bored, which would be awesome.

On a side note, Momma and Daddy have been mostly making things in large portions and storing them, so they have lots of Jambalaya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Raining in Indianapolis

Momma apologizes for not letting me use the computer for the last few days, but on Tuesday our internet went down! Typical, I get some recognition and things go boom!

At the moment it is raining like the heavens opened up, and I'm super freaked out. Thunder does not sit well with me, it makes me scared! Momma and Daddy have cuddled me a bit, but too much and I get even more scared.

So, if you're reading Daddy's blog, you know he and Momma have been going to the gym on a regular basis. They are also working with a personal trainer, apparently he's a pretty awesome dude. They come home from the gym all tired and sweaty, which is really funny. They kinda flop on the couch and don't move for a while. They're both getting in shape though, which is good for me, it means more walkies!

Dinner Monday night was tasty stir fry Momma made. She put in sugar snap peas, tofu, broccoli, and some very delicious mushrooms. She marinated the tofu in Tamari, garlic powder, and onion powder, and then mixed it all up the wok. I like woks, food is more likely to fall out of them than normal pans.
It was super tasty dinner. SUPERTASTY! 

The storm started today while Momma was at work, and she got some pictures of the sky:
These were taken from the garage at work.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Corgi Bells!

So, for those of you who don't know, Momma and Daddy are getting married next August. What this means is that Momma is running around frantically trying to get everything in place, and Daddy is sitting there looking at her like she's a crazy woman.

Today, however, every thing fell into place, at least in one aspect of the wedding. The dress is found! This makes Momma a lot less nervous, and Daddy still thinks she's crazy.

Momma and Daddy both went to the gym today, and Momma did yoga as well. She's only a few ounces off her weight goal, which makes her super giddy. Daddy is hitting the elliptical hard, and he's rebuilding all his muscles. They're a very health conscious couple, which is why tonight's dinner is pot roast. That's right, pot roast.

To prepare for my Daily Corgi debut, Momma asked me to post what she considers quintessential "Burke" pictures, so here a year in my life!
This is me as a little puppy, when Momma and Daddy first brought me home. That's Squidbilly, he was my favorite toy ever, but I accidentally destroyed him in a FRAP, and now all that's left is a tiny little bit of him. I miss him a lot.
This is me with Uncle Fitz. I also miss Uncle Fitz.
Here I am nomming on Momma's finger. Fingers, while a tasty toy, are not for nomming apparently. I wish someone had told me before I nommed. 
Here I am under the couch. I used to be able to fit under there with no problem, but now that I am a fat butt, I can't fit there. Here I am also nomming paper towels, another non-nomable. 
This is The Burke Picture according to Momma. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here, but I know I wanted it badly!
Corgi stare!
Corgi smile!
Corgi 'Sup.
HAI! I'm a Corgi! Love me!
Me and Momma lie in the sun. You can kinda see my frisbee as well, I love frisbees!
See! I love my frisbee!
Last but not least, Old Man Winter Corgi!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Daddy Joins the Internet!

My Daddy has a blog! It's about his weight loss journey! Follow him or I will shed all over something you love!

Seriously, I will shed on something. I love my Daddy, don't make me get all Corgi on you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daddy Got a Free Pen

At work today, Momma got a message on Twitter from Daddy that said "I may have joined a gym accidentally." Now, Momma is used to weird with Daddy, he is after all Daddy, but this was a WHAAAA? moment. Apparently they offered him a free pen. Daddy is all about free pens. He did indeed join the gym for real, and now he and Momma are going to go every day, and Momma is going to supplement with the Wii Fit. This means there will be abs and focus!

Dinner tonight was a two bowler for Momma, a rarity. Daddy made Jambalaya with Kielbasa and shrimp. Look at it on the fork! The picture is a little blurry, but you can see all the yummy rice and seasonings, and the sausage perched on top. It was lovely and chicken seasoned. It was also super spicy, which made it ideal for Momma. She is all about the spicy food. She and Uncle Fitz could have a spice off.

Momma and Daddy picked up more sausages like the tasty chicken one at Wal-Mart, and one of the ones they passed up was a beef sausage with habanero. Momma was all like "wooooo! I wanna eat that!" and Daddy was all like "nooooo, too spicy for me", and then Momma was all like "but it's so spicy!" and Daddy was all like "Dana, put the sausage down and I'll by you a cookie" and Momma was all "you know I can't eat wheat! You'll never catch me!" and then Daddy had to talk her down off the top of the freezer case. Not really, but you get the gist.

Here's what it looks like in a bowl! It's rice pretty?
It's well over 90 degrees in Indy, and has been the last two days. It stormed today, but it didn't cut the heat any, which made me a very sad dog. I have a fur coat on people! It's too hot!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Social Media Burke!

So, Momma has been a busy bee tonight, you can now find me more than one way on the Intarwebz!

You can find me here at Blogspot, you can also find me on Twitter at @BurketheCorgi, on Tumblr at and on MyCorgi at

If you have Facebook, I have a fan page at

All the links are up on the side of the page ------>

I hope to see you all somewhere in the series of tubes! Meanwhile, I'm going to sit here and read Momma's Ann Rule book. A corgi needs to keep up with current true crime literature!


Momma came home from work today and just went BOOM! She'd had an event for ReadUP, and was so tired from standing and running for 2 hours that she just fell asleep on the couch. Even my snuffling at her with my nose didn't wake her! When she finally got up, she zombied me outside to do my business, and then she and Daddy got down to the business of dinner.

Now, Momma and Daddy are as adventurous as the next couple when it comes to dinner. They like to try new things all the time. Daddy's favorite food is Crawfish Etoufee, Momma's is Reindeer Medallions, but on days like today, only one food will do. Mac and Cheese.

When Momma went Gluten Free, she despaired of ever finding a mac and cheese which matched Kraft for oranginess and fake cheese taste. It's the kind of mac and cheese that hard days just scream for, the kind where you know your arteries are shriveling up and dying just thinking about. It's the best food in the whole wide world when you're sad or stressed, it just tastes like childhood. Momma used to mix rice pasta with Kraft cheese powder, but even the powder has Gluten in it now, so that idea fell by the wayside She'd given up, until they went to Trader Joe's and found this gem.
This is Trader Joe's Rice Pasta and Cheddar. It's almost a prefect carbon copy of Kraft, only GF and about a million times healthier. No plastic cheese, powdered cheddar, no clogging wheat, tasty rice. It's heaven in a box.

It tastes exactly like Kraft with one major expectation, the pasta. Rice pasta looks super weird to me, it's all white and glassy and not at all like real pasta. It bites cleaner, and it fills you up a lot faster than normal pasta. Just look at that noodle! Look how weird it is! Momma told me to stop insulting her food if I still want to be fed, but look at it! Look at that noodle!
Anyway, enough about Momma's weird noodle. For comparison, this is Momma's Mac and Cheese:
And this is Daddy's Mac and Cheese:
Don't look too different, do they? They don't taste very different either!

So, this coming Monday, I'll be the Dog of the Day over at the Daily Corgi:
I'll have lots of pictures and a link to this blog, so you should come look at me there! I'll be the cute corgi, which is tough considering how many cute corgis there are over there!
Momma is making noises about soaking her feet, so I'm gonna go and stand outside the bathroom door and stare at her, It's what I do best. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Haz A Nemesis!

Most corgi's have something they don't like. My half sister Lucy, a Cardi, hates trams. Daddy lived with her in Belgium for a while, and she hated the sounds and being on them so much, that she freaks out at them. Me, I have the Wii Fit Balance Board. This is the offender, this white square of hatred:
It used to be that the area in the apartment between the couch and the TV was my territory. I could leave my toys there, I could sprawl out wherever I wanted, and no one said anything to me. Momma and Daddy gathered up my toys and put them to bed with me, but that was it, no more and no less. 

That all changed after Daddy's birthday. Gma Liz got him the Wii and the Wii Fit, and my lovely space was mine no longer, it belonged to the board. Usually the board lives under the couch, but once a day when Momma gets home, and twice a day if Daddy uses it, the board comes out of hiding and disrupts my life.
Momma and Daddy park it right in front of the tv and then use it for an hour! They step up and down, they twist, they lunge, and Momma even lies on the floor and does the jackknife. The worst part is, when they're on the floor they're usually playing with me! But when the board is out, they're working out, so I can't play with them. Momma pushes me away when I try and jump on her while she's doing Plank and Downward Facing Dog, that one is even named for me! 

Anyway, I hate the Wii Balance Board, but Momma in particular loves it, she's getting all toned and healthy. It weighs me too, and it told Momma and Daddy that I was getting to be a fat Butt, so now I get less food. Stupid Wii. Look at my butt, does it look fat to you?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Long Corgi Holiday

Geez! It's been a really long time since I updated! It's been a busy almost month for Momma and Daddy, and for Momma it's been all about the Wii Fit. Momma has been on that thing every day for 45 minutes at a time! She's gotten all toned and stuff, it's been making her really happy and really fun to be around now that she isn't all BLECH.

So, what's happened? Well, the first cool thing that happened was that Momma's boss took her and her coworkers to the Strawberry Shortcake festival here:
This is the Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument, also known as The Circle. It's cobblestoned and has a fountain. From the top of the monument, you can see all of Indianapolis. Daddy will probably want to go up there at some point, Momma will probably faint in fear. The strawberry festival is awesome though, even though Momma couldn't try the shortcake, she still got strawberries, whipped cream, and ice cream! 
There were all these nice ladies handing out tasty food, Momma snapped a really nice picture she thinks captures the bustle:
This was the finished product, look at the reds and the whites and the stawberries and the... drooooooool. Hey, even though I can't eat strawberries, I can still drool over them! They're tasty morsels!

Dinners have been a lot of repeats, Daddy made lots of dishes that keep well in the fridge, so he's been making stuff in bulk. Momma and Daddy have mostly replaced beef and chicken with turkey, which is unusual cause Momma usually hates turkey! It's been going into pasta sauces, rice dishes, etc. That and shrimp are really the staples for them now. Every now and then I get a bit of meat, and it's very tasty!

Recently though, they picked up these chicken sausages from Wal-Mart, and they were really good! Daddy mixed them with a pesto sauce, which is really basily (heh), and tortellini. The sausages were chicken, spinach, and mozzarella. The cheese melted in the pan when Daddy cooked them, and so when he cut them up to put in the pasta/pesto mix, the cheese just oozed all over everything and made the already cheesy tortellini even better. It was an awesome dish, and even though the pasta wasn't the best, it was still a really good dinner.
Tonight is the Fourth of July, and yesterday Momma told me the story of the American Revolution. I'm Welsh, so I'm kinda the enemy. Momma felt I should understand why there will be tons of fireworks that will freak me out, but all I heard was "Wahwahwahwahwah".

To show my patriotism, here's me in Momma's Chicago shirt!

Go Bears/Cubs/Sox/Bulls! But most importantly... GO BLACKHAWKS!

Also! July 12th I will be the dog of the day on The Daily Corgi! Come see me!