Friday, October 15, 2010

Indiana Fall

There is something truly lovely about Indiana in the fall. Momma spent most of her life in Chicago, Daddy grew up in Virginia, so neither of them are real strangers to fall, they've just had less exposure to the season. Fall in Chicago lasts about 2 weeks before the snow rolls in fast and heavy, and in Virginia it stays calmly temperate most of the time.

Fall here in Indiana is a gradual shift into winter. It happens so slowly that one day you just wake up and need a coat and gloves, and then two weeks later you need to add a scarf. I love fall, I have two coats of hair so any season where it isn't 80 degrees is great for me. I love fall best because I get to smell all sorts of toasty smells from people burning leaves, and I get to frolic in the falling leaves. It was great when we lived in Richmond, our backyard was always full of leaves which were ripe for crunching.
This is me chillaxing in our old backyard. I spent a lot of time out here with Momma and Daddy. About this time every year they'd take books out to the lawn chairs, and once they had me I got to play frisbee endlessly!
This is why Momma likes Indiana in the fall. Look at the colors in the sky and the trees! It's truly stunning here in Indianapolis. There are neighborhoods where the only thing you can see when you drive is the golds and reds of fall foliage. Indianapolis, and Meridian Street in particular, is a city that just radiates a perfect blend of Midwestern charm and Metropolis, and fall just highlights that harmony. 

Here are some of the foods that remind Momma and Daddy of fall the most:
 This is the turkey Momma made last year after she and Daddy got back from Thanksgiving. It's still one of her favorite culinary triumphs.
 This is a Rueben from a deli in Columbus. Daddy saw it on Man Vs. Food and he just had to go try it for himself.
Baked brie from a Richmond restaurant. 

I love fall, but I love winter even more! Bring it on Mother Nature!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leopard Pie

Leopard pie? What is leopard pie, you may ask, and you're quite right to inquire! Leopard pie is Daddy's own invention, an answer to the age old question: "what do you do when you don't have corn to make shepherds pie?" 
 The answer is... add in peas and carrots! Daddy didn't have corn to make his pie with, so he improvised. He mixed in powdered potatoes with canned carrots and peas and a hunk of ground beef... and Bam!
 Doesn't it look good? It turned out almost exactly like real shepherds pie, but with a bit more pop from the peas. He also added in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce to make the whole thing sizzle in his mouth.
 Doesn't it look happy to be eaten?
 It's not looking so happy now is it? AHAHAHA!

Momma took this picture of me staring intently at Daddy's food. She calls this the "IMUSTEATTHEFOODYOUHAVE!" face. I make it a lot.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodness Gracious!

Goodness gracious! Has it been that long since I updated? The little blogger thing is telling me it's been over a month. Whoops!

Momma's job is going full force, she's recruiting day and night almost! She gets home and I barely have time to lick her hair before she and Daddy are off to the gym, and then back to making dinner.

Since it's October now, I think it's time I show you all my awesome Halloween costume:
 That's right, I'm a lobster! It's really tough to find costumes for Corgis, we have such long bodies and short legs. Last year I was Yoda, and the costume went over my neck. I kept tripping over the feet part. It was funny for Momma and Daddy, but they were also sad cause it meant I couldn't wear my costume without falling on my face.

 Momma thinks it looks like the lobster is eating me. Daddy disagrees with her, he thinks I just look like a lobster. I think I look like whichever will get me out of the lobster costume soonest. Don't I look happy here? It should be no surprise I'm a lobster for Halloween, it's Momma's favorite food. I think she might want to eat me! Halp!

 This sideways picture shows Momma's most recent GF triumph, King Arthur Gluten Free brownies! King Arthur is an employee owned bakery older than the United States, and they make the best flour and mixes. They just recently began making GF flours and mixes, and this was Momma's first foray into both making brownies, and making GF brownies.

 Doesn't that look fudgey? It was amazingly moist and rich, so good that all 20 brownies were gone in two days. Momma and Daddy tore through them. You know it's a good mix when Daddy will eat the GF food. Usually it's pretty gross and dry. Don't ask him about the pancake incident.

 Cooking in our oven. Looks yummy!

 Daddy was busy in the last month too, this is his super tasty rueben, with home made Corned Beef and nice tasty bread. He made three of these out of one piece of meat, but I know he pined for more. We have corned beef in the house a lot.

So, I guess that was my month! I'll be better at updating this thing this month! Happy Lobsterween!