Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ancient Grains? Forget That, Give Me Ancient Rawhide!

Now that Momma's back on the Gluten-Free bandwagon, dinner has gotten interesting. Momma always like dinners she can throw together in 10 minutes and put on the plate, and that's no longer in the cards. Momma and Daddy went to Kroger today, and came home with more fruits and veggies than I've ever seen in my life! Most of the food they used to ate came in packages, and there was more to put on the pantry than in the fridge. That was not the case this time! Momma was really proud of them!

For dinner, Momma made her first ever Quinoa dish, a mushroom risotto. Momma felt this was a bastardization of risotto, and thus slightly sacrilegious, and Daddy doesn't like Quinoa, so he had leftovers. Not every night works the way it's planned on paper.

Momma pulled the recipe from Epicurious, and got to work. Momma learned first that Quinoa doesn't cook normally, so I got kicked out of the kitchen. I like to lie at Momma's feet when she cooks, like this:

Momma says I look all studly and protective. I have no clue what that means, but I like it at her feet in the kitchen. It's warm and it smells good, and I like when the kitchen smells of onions!

According to Momma, Quinoa is really pretty when it cooks. It starts out as this little seed, and then pops open, and pops in your mouth! Momma loves food like that, like pomegranates. I think Momma would walk across a desert barefoot in a snowsuit for a good, juicy, big pomegranate. I would not, but perhaps for a nice roll of lamb. Yes, yes I think I would.

This was Momma's prep station, look at all those mushrooms!
That's a lot of mushrooms. I guess it's a good thing Momma really likes mushrooms. There was also wine...

I guess it looks tasty, but what do I know. I'm a dog not a food critic:

And here is Momma's new cookbook!

And here is me! Momma says I'm a ham, but I don't think I resemble a pork cut all that much.


  1. I've been cooking with quinoa since the '70's (the 1970's, that is) when Sunset magazine, out of California featured recipes. It is a flavorful, high-protein grain that can be cooked all kinds of ways. I still have the recipes I cut out of the magazine way back when. Love that cutie Burke!

  2. Maybe I'll grab some from you when we see you next Friday!