Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Got A New Toy!

Today, Momma and Daddy went out for a really long time! I thought they were gonna leave me with Uncle Rob again, which is okay cause he plays with me. Momma and Daddy are always going "No Burke! I'm in the middle of cooking dinner!" or "No Burke, I'm in the bathtub! I don't want to play!" They never play with me! It's not like we do tug of war, fetch, or frisbee at all, ever. Okay, maybe we do, but it's not enough!

Anyway, Momma and Daddy went out to the pet store, and came home with a toy designed to stimulate my  mind. Pssh, my mind is stimulated enough! I have rawhide, and my fox toy, and ... okay. I needed stimulation. It's called the Tug-A-Jug, here is the website:

And here is the toy!
It's really fun, but I'm super frustrated. You have to pull that rope in such a way that the little bits come out, and I can't get it to work right! I'm all squeaky and Momma's all "Stop squeaking!" and I'm all "But Momma!" and she's all "I don't care! Stop it now!" and then I'm all "But Moooooooooooomma!" And then I have to go sit in the corner. 

Daddy wasn't feeling very well, so Momma went off the spicy deep end. She mixed up vindaloo curry power, paprika, ginger, onion powder, and garlic powder, and then coated shrimp in the mixture. She sauteed them with olive oil, a bit of butter, and lemon juice. It made a sound like buzzing electronics, which freaked Daddy out. 

While that was happening, she made Near East Rice Pilaf, and it made the house smell so tasty! Daddy also got me pig ears to gnaw on, so I was content with that. I do like when the house smells good though, it gives it nice ambience. 
The shrimp cooked really quickly, but the pilaf didn't, and it was really funny to hear Momma go all "eeep!" on the stove. I was chewing on my new tire toy, so I ignored her. 

Daddy made his version of Orangina, which is Pellegrino and orange juice mixed together. It's light and bubbly and went really well with the spicy shrimp and the saffron flavored rice. 

I will be meeting a new friend soon! Momma and Daddy's friend has a puppy, and I get to meet him soon! Yeah for new playmate!


  1. Sounds yummy!! What are the proportions for the pellegrino/orange juice mixture?

  2. Luke does it to taste, it ends up being more Pellegrino than orange juice. Also, what dinners are you guys planning for Friday and Saturday? If they're gluten based, I can make my own dinner.