Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meaty Meaty Meatballs!

Momma has two rules for dinner, it must be enough for seconds, and it must be tasty. Tonight's dinner fit both those requirements. Daddy made creamed spinach, pasta, sauce, and meatballs!

The creamed spinach had cream of chicken soup, milk, and some more tasty spices. It started out looking like that, and ended up looking like this:
It was super tasty, if not a little peppery. Momma tastes stuff that isn't there all the time! She's all "Mmmm, I can taste stuff you can't!" and Daddy's all "Really Dana? Really" and Momma's all "Shut up! I'm smart and brunette". That's what I like to think they say, at least. It just sounds like "Mwhahamamamamama" to me. 

Daddy also made meatballs, which were really nice and spicy and really tasty!
Momma really likes spicy, but isn't a big fan of ground meat, but this was super tasty!

Dinner was a success, and I waited for Momma and Daddy to take a bite, and then I raced back to my porch. I'm there every day now when Momma gets home. She parks her car, looks up, and BOOM! Itty Bitty Corgi Greeting Committee! She laughs, checks the mail, and is patient when I pee on her leg in joy. 

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