Monday, May 31, 2010

The Return of the Corgi!

So, it's been a really long time since Momma gave me something to post, and I'll show you exactly why:
That, my friends, is a dining room table, with placemats, chairs, salt/pepper, and silverware! This is why Momma or Daddy hasn't made a new dinner in a long time, they were waiting on this beauty. This, combined with the pounds they've been working off on Wii Fit, have made Momma and Daddy feel all grown up and stuff. The table is a lovely hardwood with birch overlay, and the chairs are plywood. It's a real table, and real chairs, and Momma and Daddy are real adults!

To celebrate, they made a real adult meal, Lamb Korma! They went to Whole Foods (adult grocery store!) and picked out a pound and a half of boneless leg of lamb. It was really good lamb too, check out the marbling:
Daddy cut it up into little pieces, and I even got one! Momma and Daddy are talking about feeding me raw food, and so this was kind of a trial to see if I'd take to it, silly parents. I'll eat meat in any form, sometimes not necessarily meat. I'll mostly eat anything, especially if it looks like this:
Here I am waiting patiently:
Anyway, Daddy poured the Korma over the lamb, and it made the most lovely color contrast! Korma is super pretty and flavorful, and this one cooked with the meat to allow the lamb to soak up maximum flavinoids.
Once that was done, and the rice, Momma and Daddy combined to two to make this masterpiece!
Doesn't that look nummy? It was soft and lamby and garlicy and sweet and savory and tasted of cumin and curry. All in all, a successful adult meal. Tomorrow Momma is gonna have to fend for herself, but she won't have to eat it in front of the TV! Meanwhile, I'll be taking up my position under the table, as is a Corgi's rightful hunting ground.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whirlwind Corgi Week!

Many things have happened since I posted last! Momma and Daddy went to the wedding of two really close friends in DC, Momma's job made her head explode, and I go to play with kids for four days!

So, first off, the wedding! Momma and Daddy's college friends Nathan and Annalee had a wonderful Quaker wedding. It was in a meeting house in Langley, right near where Grandpa Don lives! Momma told me that the wedding was beautiful and very moving, which once again made her cry. Momma is like a waterfall at weddings. Daddy just sighs and hangs his head, he's a brave man.

I got to play with lots of kids! Momma and Daddy's friends Jim and Barb took care of me, and I got a whole four days of fetch and belly rubs. It was sublime, and I can't wait to go back!

Momma's job has ramped up, that's really all she has to say, or rather all I want to hear. It's just like listening to Charlie Brown adults...

Anyway, dinner tonight was awesome! Daddy took some bland Alfredo sauce and spiced it up with parmesan cheese, basil, pepper, and oregano, and then had ziti while Momma had Quinoa pasta. That's right, she can now indulge her Quinoa obsession in both pasta and grain form. I will never understand that woman.

Daddy's Alfredo sauce is complex, the basil jumps out at you right away, but the whole thing finishes clean with the cheeses. He's a master of sauces! Just as he is a master of sauces, so too am I a master of TOUNGE!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad Momma!

Momma did something bad today... she had real pasta. In her defense, there was carbonara, and friends, and Daddy makes really good carbonara! Momma and Daddy's friend Leila came home from college, and so she came over for dinner! It was awesome, and I jumped on her, and she played tug of war with me, and then I wouldn't stop jumping, and so I had to sit outside the whole time she was there. I don't know why this always happens! They have friends over, and I won't leave them alone, and then I don't get to play anymore. It's not fair.

Anyway, Daddy's carbonara is the best carbonara in the world! It's all garlicy and bacony and tastes of CHEESE. The bacon and the CHEESE is the best part. Daddy mixes it with all the best spices, like basil and garlic and garlic and cheese. And did I mention cheese?
Look at that! Look at the cheese! Look at the bacon! Look at the basil! LOOK!

Also, Leila brought tasty salad! Doesn't it look all pretty and orange and carroty and yum? So yeah, good dinner! Momma and Daddy were super happy to see Leila, and all was well in their world. Meanwhile,  I was exiled. EXILED! I'm going to stage a coup, just you wait...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Steak is Best Spicy!

Dinner tonight was originally going to be tasty spaghetti carbonara, but Momma and Daddy ate all the bacon yesterday morning. They like their Sunday brunch. It usually involves eggs, bacon, juice, etc. It's a real spread, of which I get none! It's not fair, just FYI. If you're taking care of my for any period of time, I should totally get brunch rights. 

Anyway, Plan B was delicious steak! Daddy seasoned his with lemon pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Momma smothered hers with cajun seasonings, garlic salt, pepper, and onion powder. 

Momma steak was super spicy and full of deep savory flavor. Daddy's was lemony, garlicy, and wonderful, and also super delicious and together the steaks were perfect dinner fodder. Momma's week is hellishly long and so protein is her watchword. 

Indianapolis is getting hit with a huge thunderstorm as I type, and so Momma is busy freaking out about the thunder. She does not like it, and I think she's just being a wuss! It's just air! See, I'm typing this post in a storm! It's not scary! What's that you say? I'm actually playing World of Warcraft? YOU LIE!