Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is a very important day for my Momma and Daddy. Today is their 6th anniversary! Momma and Daddy have been together since the very first week of college. They've been all ewwy and coupley for a long time...

<--- This is Momma and Daddy right at the beginning of their "courtship. Look how young they are!
And this is Momma and Daddy now ------>

They're so cute, apparently. Allz I know is they're all kissy and it's gross. GROSS I TELLZ YOU!

A year ago, Momma and Daddy got engaged. This is the story, in Momma's words:

"The story begins on August 25th, 2004. We had just met, and were feeling each other out as potential dates. I decided to show off by standing up on a rock, off of which I promptly fell. Luke caught me, and it was over right then.

5 years later, we took our dog Burke to the same place to run around and be adored. With our friend Chris, we started walking toward the rocks. I began to tell him the story of that moment, and stood back up on the rock. As I began to fall off again, Luke caught me in his arms and pulled out a ring box. He told me: 'I'm glad you're standing on this rock, because I was wondering if you'd accept this rock'. It was over right then  and there."

Isn't that cute... Aren't my Momma and Daddy adorable?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Kingdom For Daddy's Lamb

Daddy is a great cook. He's always trying new foods, branching out into vast unexplored territory, forging his own culinary path. He's the Indiana Jones of the house. Momma is more the Marion Ravenwood, content to stay in her comfortable little bar, but totally down for the adventure if it comes along.

To reinforce this point, dinner tonight for Daddy was an adventure of mashed potatoes and impromptu meatloaf sandwich of tasty. Momma made that quinoa shrimp thing she has down to a science.

Another great example is what Daddy made Saturday night. Earlier in the day, they took a trip to Whole Foods, and Daddy acquired this lamb. It's great lamb, well marbled and thick. Best of all, not too expensive. Daddy got this last time they went too, and that became the tasty lamb korma he loves. This time though, the butcher suggested something wholly new for Daddy, Capetown Lamb. Daddy had never heard of it before, but the butcher described a lamb containing mustard, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and the luscious lamb. It was the Ark of the Covenant of lamb, the Holy Grail of lamb, the Temple of Doom of lamb! It wasn't the Crystal Skull of lamb though, that lamb would have been good until the last little bit and then you'd discover you'd actually been eating chicken and not lamb at all and you have to demand your $7 back from someone AND DAMMIT GEORGE LUCAS!

Sorry, got off track.

Anyway, Daddy couldn't resist this lamb. He had to try it. He started with the sauce. It looks kinda goopy right? Not for long though. Hours and hours of stirring later (and by hours I mean 15 minutes) he had this smooth and savory glaze for the lamb. See original on left, delicious glaze on left. The marinated lamb is below

The lamb marinated for hours and hours until all the sauce glaze soaked into the skin, and then Daddy popped it into the oven. This is what came out:
If Daddy wasn't about to marry Momma, I think he would have married the cookbook, or the lamb. Pee Wee Herman style! The lamb was sweet from the brown sugar, crispy and salty, hot from the mustard. All in all, the perfect food for a weary professor back from discovering lost artifacts and saving damsels in distress.

It's been nice and cool the last few days, and today after she got home from work Momma took me outside for frisbee! I'm out of shape though, I could only play hardcore fetch for 10 minutes. My record is an hour! I miss my dog park, I have no doggy friends here, none of the apartment dogs want to play with me. They're all chicken. I miss Bo!  Will you frisbee with me?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ours is Not to Reason Why, Ours it to OMNOMNOMCHICKEN!

Dinner for the last two nights in a row has been chicken. Now, this isn't unusual in most households, but Momma is pretty much a vegetarian. She is super picky about her meats, how they're cooked, and with what side dishes come along for the ride.

When Daddy made dinner last night, he only needed three chicken breasts, but Momma bought six. So for dinner last night it was Momma's turn to bust out an old favorite. Long and far away in some galaxy I've never been to, back when Momma was eating wheat, she and Daddy made a dish with cajun spiced chicken and pasta. This is Momma's secret recipe chicken, her Mona Lisa, her David, her Prima Porta. This is Momma's Divine Comedy. Have I made enough Classical allusions to make my point?

This chicken is spicy, garlicy, and moist. She'll never tell how she makes it either, at least not to people who aren't Daddy. Apparently he knows, but I can't get him to talk!

While Momma worked in secret clandestineness making her tasty chicken, Daddy continued to perfect one of his favorite recipes, smashed potato! Daddy makes them from scratch, this time he used red potato, chives, basil, some milk, and salted butter. He started by quartering and boiling the potatoes, boiled them into submission, and then SMASHED! He was The Hulk for a very brief period. DADDY SMASH!

This dish used to be made with pasta, and part of why it was so good was the pasta was sauced with the chicken. Momma used to use a lot of oil and butter to make a base sauce to cook the chicken in, but they're more health conscious now. Dinner worked out nicely because the chicken wasn't too saucy for the potatoes. It was a great success! Also, ever notice how the food on Momma's plate never touches? Isn't that weird?
Oh well! To each his own creepy OCD thing! For me, it's my frisbee. If you throw it for me, I will not stop bringing it back until you are down an arm, or patience, which ever comes first!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tasty Chicken Thingy I Can't Spell!

There is nothing tastier than the mixing of chicken and vegetables. The chicken mixes in so tasty with the veggies, and then the tomatoes make tasty broth and mmmmmmm.....

What? Sorry? Huh? I think I was supposed to write a post about how tasty the dinner Daddy made tonight was, but I got distracted by how good it was. Circular issue, much?

Dinner started with this mixture of tomatos and spices:
Daddy added in this mixture of bell peppers and onions, as well as some mushrooms:
This all got poured over the chicken, this chicken:

What it ended up being was this luscious mixture of chicken, sweet tomatos, tangy bell peppers, the bite of oregano, and the earthy goodness of the baby bella mushrooms. It was light and savory, and a really lovely dish overall. It sat nicely on the plate, was extremely filling, and very very yummy.
Look at how pretty that is on the red plate! Apparently red makes you feel full faster, who knew?

Momma and Daddy have been hitting the gym pretty hard, none of Momma's pants fit correctly, and Daddy needs a smaller belt! It's kinda awesome. Here's a picture of me at Gma Liz's house, I like to crawl underneath things a lot.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Corgi Call to Action!

This is William:
William is currently at a shelter in Franklin Indiana. The shelter has a high-kill rate. If you know anyone in Franklin or Indiana who would is looking for a corgi, please point them to William!

Look at that corgi smile! How can you say no to that fuzzy face?

Here is the link to the Johnson County Animal Shelter. Please pass this on if you can!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Has Momma Been?

Morning everyone! Momma has been really lazy updating, hasn't she? She insists it's cause she's been so busy with work, but I think she's just lazy.

Momma really wanted me to talk to you about something very near and dear to her heart today, Jewish Comfort Food.

Momma is 100% Jewish, which she likes to say means that she never shuts up, is great at guilt, and can cook a mean chicken soup. Most Jewish food is wheat heavy though, and now that Momma is GF, it's been a bit frustrating for her. There is one thing she can eat that isn't wheat though, and that is Kasha.

Kasha is a buckwheat grain made with chicken broth, butter, and eggs. It's flavorful, mixes great with bow tie pasta, and is real soup for the Jewish soul.

Daddy has been in VA for the last few days visiting family, which has left Momma with the task of making dinner for herself. She's a great cook, no question about it, the woman can make a meal out of sludge. Last night she was missing Daddy and feeling kinda homesick, and so she decided to make Kasha. When it's done well, it's soft and savory and filling. Momma did not do it well.

She burned the living daylights out of the thing. I've never heard so much swearing! She turned the air blue! I was sitting there with my peanut butter bone, happily nomming away, and then BOOM! Momma is saying stuff that would make a sailor blush.

She resorted to quinoa, which she's not capable of screwing up, but I know she's all rrrrr about it still.

She's been going to the gym every day while Daddy's gone too, and tomorrow she'll meet with the trainer on her own. It's gonna hurt, but it will make her a better Momma.