Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burritos the Size of Your Head, or Me!

Today, I saw something scary! Not that I don't come across scary things on a regular basis. I see birds, I hear cars drive by, I hear our downstairs neighbor's bass, but this was something tasty!scary. It was a burrito the size of me!

Before we get to the monstrosity though, Momma wanted to point out how well her dinner from yesterday held up today:

The lentils still popped, the rice was still chewy but tender, and the spices were still nice and sharp. It was a great lunch, according to Momma. I wouldn't know, I prefer chicken flavored rawhide and carob chews.

On to the scary though!

Daddy and Momma have lived in Richmond for 5 years now, and until today had never been to La Mexicana. Some might say this was sacrilegious, as the burritos there are supposed to be super tasty. Daddy went today while Momma was subbing, and this is what he brought home for her:
Look at that! Huge, isn't it! Would you be even more scared if I pointed out that those two burritos are in fact one single one cut in half?

Did I just hear you eep? Momma did!
So Daddy brought home this giant chicken burrito, and Momma almost had a heart attack. They're supposed to be eating healthier, so at first glance this looks like a huge step back. But consider this, Daddy explained, in here are lean chicken breasts, whole grain rice, refried kidney beans, real cheese, lettuce, and avocado! These are all good for you, and easily identifiable, which means they haven't been processed to hell and back. Ergo, healthy compared to your normal after school snack and your normal dinner of crap. Momma looked sulky after this, kinda like I do when they make me sit in the corner.

See! This is what Momma looked like.

Anyway, it turns out Momma has a secret flavor weapon: Tabasco Chipotle!

It has 115 mg of sodium, and 0 calories, sugar, and protein. It packs a huge punch!

Best of all, Momma is gonna save it for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, so that's two meals down!

As for me, I wasn't super interested in their Burkrritos, I had a treat all my own! The rawhide bone is down to one knob, soon I will be victorious!

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