Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today marks the first day of Daddy's first week making the entree. To celebrate/start things off tasty, he made a favorite dish of Momma and Daddy's: Spaghetti Carbonara. Daddy really loves Carbonara, he loves it for the bacon and the cheese. Momma loves it for the pasta and the cheese. They can each find something they like in the dish! Those are always the best dishes. I like Carbonara because the house smells like garlic and bacon, two scents I love most in all the world. Okay, I also love the smell of rawhide and my food and the grass and everyone who comes over to visit.

The fun part of Cabonara is how easy it is to make. Daddy uses dried herbs, which packs a way bigger punch than fresh in much smalled quantities, bacon, eggs, and garlic.
Ingredients are so pretty, according to Momma. She likes taking really close up pictures of the  things she and Daddy use to make dinner. She keeps trying to take pictures of me that close up, and I keep moving. It's a game we play!

Dinner was really tasty, according to Momma and Daddy. They seemed to really enjoy it. I can tell cause they ignored my many attempts to jump on the couch. Look at that bacon! It was all crispy and tasty and smelled really good. The whole dish was light and eggy, with lots of tasty cheese flavor and the bite of oregano. The basil added a really nice sweet hint, and the whole thing was really fantastic.
This was the finished product:
Dinner was a success for Daddy, and Momma was all happy to eat some pasta again. She's going to go GF primarily, but since it's not an allergy issue she'll have some from time to time.

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  1. Love those pictures!! Burke, you are Sooooo cute.