Friday, March 26, 2010

Begin As You Mean To Go On!

Tonight Momma and Daddy made their very first dinner in their new apartment! Momma loves the new stove in the kitchen, the dishwasher, and the washer/dryer. Momma really likes appliances, can you tell? While she's at work, Daddy's done a ton of unpacking and laundry. Momma is so tired by the end of the day, that she comes home and collapses onto the sofa. This affords me the perfect chance to jump up on her lap and cover her work clothes in dog hair.

The very first dinner was Daddy's creation, he made Alfredo sauce with his own special blend of spice and cheese, and then he added in chicken he flavored with pepper and garlic powder. It was so good, Momma had more than one helping of chicken! Momma hates meat, so that was a pretty big step!
Momma also tried out a new kind of Gluten Free pasta, brown rice and flax seed. It was pretty good, but I got the feeling she's frustrated with having to shock GF pasta in cold water. 

I'm really loving the new apartment too, except for all the new sounds. I get my own room, which I share with the washer/dryer. I have my water, and a little area between the washer and the wall where I can curl up and sleep. It's warm, I have water, it's a huge improvement on my kennel, which broke on the drive to Indy. I may or may not have been throwing myself repeatedly at Momma's seat. I never heard her swear so much in my life as she did when I was suddenly in the passenger seat...

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