Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The First Walk of Spring

Usually, when I need to do my business, Momma or Daddy takes me out in the backyard. Today I had a special treat, a real walk! Momma and I walked to the park, and then back home. On the way, I got lots of admiring looks and compliments, which pleased Momma very much. She likes showing me off for the public.

Tonight and lunch tomorrow will be Momma's last meals with gluten. She's going back on the GF diet for lots of reasons, and this time she's promised to be positive. She even told Daddy he can fine her $3 for every time she whines or complains. Daddy is gonna filthy rich in a week, maybe he'll buy me another rawhide!

For her final dinner, Momma made Cheese Tortellini with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce and Mushrooms. She said it was her way of going out with a bang, Daddy kinda scoffed. It made the house smell all kinds of amazing though! I've developed a taste for the smell of garlic since I can't taste garlic itself. 
There was so much garlic too! And mushrooms, and butter, and cream, and sun-dried tomatoes! There was tortellini, and it was creamy and tangy, and smelled like buttery goodness. Momma and Daddy both really loved it, it was one of Momma's better dishes. It was supposed to have spinach, but nothing I saw indicated that it was missed. Look how pretty it is!
Now that Spring is here, I'm gonna be at the dog park every single day! And I know Momma and Daddy are looking forward to it too, and if they're not they better keep their mouths shut, cause I wanna go. So there. 

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