Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Burketraduction

Once upon a time, there was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Burke. Burke lived in Indiana with his Momma and Daddy, and it was an ideal life. He had plenty of rawhides to chew, lots of stuffed animals to herd, and plenty of head scratches. Overall, Burke was a happy Corgi. Momma and Daddy made sure he ate good dog food, packed with healthy ingredients to help him grow and thrive.

The problem was, Momma and Daddy didn't eat as well as he did. Momma had a hopeless addiction to salt and vinegar chips, popcorn, and general crap. Daddy ate better, but the problem was he never ate at consistent times. Between the two of them, there was something seriously amiss. Daddy had done all he could to convince Momma how bad her eating habits were, but Momma was stubborn and didn't listen. This made Burke very sad, since it meant Momma didn't have a lot of energy to play with him.

This blog will chronicle through Burke's eyes the new diet regime in his home as Momma tries to get her health under control, and Daddy tries to put up with the crazy woman he's marrying.

But enough storyline! HI!



    Good luck, lovelies!

    <3, J~

  2. thanks for including me in the eager audience of foodies. it is especially exciting to get the canine perspective.