Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicken Tikka Burke!

Tonight, Momma and Daddy had a rare boxed meal. Usually, Momma likes to make sauces from scratch, or enhance pre-made jarred sauce, but this stuff is different. It's all ready to go, comes with rice, and is truly tasty. The best thing about Indian food, in Momma's opinion, is that it doesn't lose flavor when it sits. All the spices and herbs in a typical Indian sauce spend their downtime meshing together and basically just getting more and more flavorful as the time  in the bag drags on and on and on ad infinitum.

This is Chicken Tikka Masala, a truly lovely and buttery soft Indian dish which both Momma and Daddy love. It has lots of depth of flavor, but not a lot of spice, which is good for Daddy. He's lost a lot of spice tolerance in the years at Earlham. He blames Saga meals for that, Momma blames Saga for her metabolic issues and current weight annoyances. If you ask around, Saga is at the root of many many problems. Yech. I'm glad I never had to eat there! I like my food tasty!

Anywho, this stuff is really great, cause it comes with precooked rice and the premade sauce. All Daddy had to do was cook the chicken on the stove, and pour the sauce over it, and voila! Doesn't the sauce look pretty! You can see the oil and the juice from the chicken mixing together, and it wonderful. Chicken should soak up sauces, and this one is just made for soaking into the meat. Chicken Tikka Masala has a light flavor, with some yogurty undertones, bits of cumin, and an overall smooth finish. It isn't hot, but it is very flavorful, which is why Momma is such a fan. Momma like to eat food with flavor, she can be a bit MEEEEEEHHHH about how her food tastes.

Overall, dinner was a great success. Momma and Daddy were happy, the food was tasty, and they are now out of chicken! Indeed, a great success overall.

I hung out on the porch again, I'm almost done with my big bone, which means that soon it will be time for another!

I will leave you again with tiny me!