Monday, April 19, 2010

Steaky Steaky Steak!

This is not steak. This is chicken. Specifically the chicken Daddy used to make chicken salad on Sunday. I like how chicken looks when it's cut. Momma thinks it looks like the striations on mountains. She and Daddy drive past one every time they drive to McLean, and it looks so cool. The park is never open when both of them are there though, so she's never seen it up close.

These are the hardboiled eggs that went into the chicken salad. These were the first hardboiled eggs Daddy ever made. It was super exciting for him, since he'd succeeded without adult supervision! Cooking is fun and awesome! I wish I had thumbs, I bet I could make a mean rawhide omelet.

This is a post about steak though, specifically the mushroom and onion smothered steak Daddy made for dinner tonight. It was a big braising steak, and it did the coolest thing ever in the pan! Take a look at it. That's a meat bubble! Meat bubble people, MEAT BUBBLE. Isn't that awesome? The steak was really good too, but what made it awesome was the mushroom and onion smothery thing concoction Daddy made. It was soft and smooth and mmmmm. Momma like....

It looks so pretty, all smothered and mmmm and smothered... There is something about the mixture of steak and onions and mushrooms that calls to something primal in humans. I think it's kinda like how we dogs always go nuts for bacon. It's instinct. Dogs love bacon, humans love meat and especially smothered meat.

As it stands, dinner was yummy and full of vitamins and proteins! And best of all, I got stay in the kitchen! Usually I have to go hang out on my patio while Momma and Daddy cook cause I have a habit of getting underfoot, look!


  1. Burke, you're so cute!

  2. Burke, I'm so impressed that your Momma and Daddy really takes time to cook for you. I also cook for my dogs and not just give them commercial dog food because I've read from that dogs should be provided with meals that contain a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and specific vitamins and minerals. It's no wonder you look so healthy.