Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Leftover Night!

Most nights, both Momma and Daddy are up for a nice rounded dinner, but some nights they just want leftovers, simple food. 

For Momma, that was making the quinoa and shrimp dish she made a few weeks ago, and for Daddy it was the perfect omelette!

Daddy and Momma watched Anthony Bourdain last night, his whole show was on techniques in cooking really good food. He showed how to make good beef bourgignon, Thomas Keller demonstrated his roast chicken, the head chef at Les Halles showed a perfect steak and fries, and Jacques Pepin demonstrated the perfect omelette. It was at this point that Momma and Daddy really started to pay attention. They usually make omelettes by just letting them sit and cook, but Pepin was moving the yolk around, waiting for the edge to crust up, moving it around, etc, so on, ad infinitum. It made a lovely and bright omelette.

Daddy just had to try it as soon as possible, so for dinner tonight he made this:
It bubbled and the cheese and chives inside melted all over the plate and Daddy was so happy and Momma was super impressed and excited for Daddy!
Doesn't that look amazing!
Momma had her Americorps meeting today, and while they were discussing stuff, she decided to take pictures of the things around her, so here is a Peep and her keychain Burke!

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  1. For an extra burst of flavor in omelettes: lightly blanch fresh greens or root vegetables, drain, chop, and sautee with butter and chopped onion. Then puree and freeze in an ice cube tray. Take out a cube or two as you get ready to start your omelette so they melt a bit. Throw them in once the eggs start setting. Voila! Not just more flavor but also more fiber and vitamins!!!