Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Magical Trader Joe's

The last few days have been busy for Momma and Daddy. Momma is working late hours, and Daddy is busy unpacking the apartment, so dinner has been a lot of leftovers and frozen pizza for the two of them. Momma's made her shrimp/Quinoa dish 2 nights in a row, so that should give you a sense of how busy they've been lately. I don't know why they need so much variety, I eat the same 2 1/2 cups of food every day! Add in some snacks and a few rawhides, and I think I have a balanced diet.

But what Momma's really been raving about recently has been lunch. She and Daddy went to their local Trader Joe's, and it was almost a religious experience for Momma. They label everything that is even remotely GF as such, which means she can run through the store and look for a G* on a label, and be thrilled to put it in her cart. In short, Trader Joe's is perfection.

She and Daddy are total converts to their Indian food in particular. Momma has long had a love affair with Indian food, Gma used to make it all the time when she was a kid, and her Godmother is from Pakistan, so Momma is all about the flavors of that particular region. Trader Joe's carries 5 frozen Indian meals, all with easily tastable and identifiable meals. Everything is labeled, everything is clear, and everything is amazing. This is their Curried Lentils on Cumin Flavored Basmati Rice:
The carton is designed so the eater can fold the lentils into the rice, which is great! When Momma first saw the lentils she was confused by how watery the lentils were, but it took a second and then she went "oooooh". Momma can be a bit slow. Here are the lentils, don't they look tasty?
The rice was really lovely long grain basmati mixed with little cumin seeds. Real cumin seeds! This is a frozen meal people! Momma had the best lunch ever, and she doesn't bestow that title lightly:
But that isn't where the story ends, it isn't even close! Momma's most missed glutenated food is mac and cheese, Kraft Mac and Cheese in particular. The pasta can be subbed for brown rice pasta, but the cheese in most GF mac and cheese isn't even close to right. It's never quite cheesy or buttery or mac and cheesy enough. This was different though, this was Trader Joe's GF Mac and Cheese, and this is what it looks like:
Momma made such a loud happy squeal, I heard it out on the patio! I was happily chewing my bone, and then WHAM! And she yells at me for being loud... all I do is bark to get her attention, bark cause I'm bored, bark cause I saw something, bark cause I heard something. You get the picture. 

Anyway, it tasted cheesy, and buttery, and milky, and just... Krafty. Yeah, that's the word Momma used. 

Daddy also had a culinary triumph last night. He made his own Corned Beef! I'll get back to you guys once he makes a sammich, but it tasted really good! For now, I will leave you with a picture of me and Mr. Sheep, my first toy I got after my big operation! Mr. Sheep enjoys long walks on the beach, getting his stuffing ripped out, and being thrown in the air by me!

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