Monday, April 5, 2010

Chicky Brocy Stiry Fry!

Momma hasn't been cooking for the past few weeks, cause of how long she works all day, but today she just needed to unwind. Cooking Momma's Valium, it makes her all calm and centered. She loves when Daddy cooks, but some days just call for some relaxation. 

She and Daddy had a bunch of broccoli they bought before the move, and Momma wanted to use them up, so she had the idea of doing stir fry! I spent most of the day in my room gnawing on a pig's ear. We had a ton of rain and hail and lightening and it was really scary and I ran inside and got all freaked out so Daddy gave me a pig's ear and I've been hanging out in my room! So there, we're all caught up.

Anyway, back to dinner. Momma had a new wok she wanted to try out, chicken, and broccoli. It was blind inspiration! She mixed up the chicken and broccoli, and then stir fried them in Tamari soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and some chicken broth. 
It bubbled up all pretty and stuff, and the chicken and broccoli smelled so good. The broccoli got all crispy and tasted just the way Momma's mom used to make it, which is Momma's favorite way to eat broccoli. She and Daddy paired the stir fry with brown rice, which is rapidly becoming one of Momma and Daddy's preferred side dishes.
The chicken broth added a really nice layer of flavor, and the brown rice holds up really well against the broth. Overall, they declared this dinner a success. I personally didn't care, til Momma told me all my favorite bones are soaked in chicken broth. I guess there is something to that after all!


  1. Sounds like a fast, delicious and healthy dish!

  2. It tasted a lot like what you used to make!