Sunday, April 4, 2010


Tonight's dinner was Scallops Provencale. I do not know what that means, but Momma said it meant that it was a French dish, and I guess she'd know. Momma has an encyclopedic knowledge of food and cultures. She seems to know the origin of most of the dishes and ingredients  she and Daddy interact with on a daily basis. Me, I know rawhides. I can tell you the make, flavor, and age of every rawhide I chew. I like to let them age like a good wine. Momma always stops me though, she tosses my rawhides out when they get covered in hair and dirt. I keep insisting that only heightens the flavor!

Anyway, tonight's dinner included brown rice, zucchini, scallops, and a lot of other tastiness! Daddy has been making dinner lately cause Momma works so late. She's done almost 100 hours since she started two weeks ago, which is great considering she only needs 900 hours before August 31st. My Momma's an overachiever!

Take a look at dinner though, doesn't that look amazing!
Mountains of butter brown rice, soft and sweet scallops, tomatoes, the tang of white wine, and bits of garlic made dinner not only super flavorful, but also nice and deep. There were lots of layers of flavors lurking in the rice and the broth. Overall, A+ for Daddy!

I've been hanging out on the porch recently, but on Friday I got to go into PetSmart! They allow leashed dogs, and I made some friends and got to pick out my own bone! Momma and Daddy barely see me anymore. I wake up, do my business, eat breakfast and have my Greenie, and then BOOM! Outside I go! 

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