Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daddy is a Jerk (Chicken)

But before I get to Daddy's awesome Jerk Chicken, this is why Momma shouldn't be allowed to arrange stuff. These cookies were for kids at a ReadUP celebration:
That's right, she arranged them by flavor and cookie type. It was hilarious when the kids grabbed them without rhyme or reason. When she described it to Daddy, I thought her head was gonna pop off!

Tonight's dinner came courtesy of the islands... Jerk Chicken with rice! Daddy marinated chicken in jerk seasoning while Momma was at work, and it made it so tasty. Jerk tastes like a nice mix of sweet and spicy and savory. Add in the brown rice, and Momma and Daddy were very happy humans. The rice was buttery and soft and salty, and then the chicken mixed with the rice so well. Momma has eaten more protein since she and Daddy started cooking then almost every other point in her life. 
See how pretty it looks! Momma has found that the natural light coming through the blinds at about the time she and Daddy make dinner is perfect for taking pictures of food. The blinds are white, so it allows the light to bounce around and really illuminate the food and the plate. She's becoming very good at this process, really starting to rock the macro setting. 
Chicken wasn't the only meat on Daddy's plate this week though, they went to Trader Joe's last night and Daddy acquired a whole lamb roast. It took two and and a half hours to cook, and it was gone when Momma got back today. Lamb was a success!

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  1. I'll send Momma a great lamb roast recipe!