Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ritual Meals

For some people, mac and cheese is comfort food. For other people, that comfort food is pancakes. For Momma and Daddy, that comfort food is Chinese cuisine.

Daddy was away last night, and they only set the chicken to marinate for tomorrow, so it was the perfect night to reconnect over some comfort food.

This was their spread:
Look at that spread, and look at that table! It was great, Momma and Daddy sat down together, they talked about their days, they discusses their plans for the rest of the week, and I hung out under the table! I sat on Daddy's foot, and then I sat on Momma's foot, and then I sat next to the table, and then I sat in my room cause I wouldn't stop barking. 

Daddy had bourbon chicken, egg rolls, boneless spare ribs, and tasty pork lo mein. Momma had Hunan bean curd and a spring roll:
MMmmm, tasty!
It was a lovely dinner, full of reforging connections, rawhide, and Wii Fit! But more on that last one at a later date!


  1. What, Burke, they didn't give you a treat?

  2. Not from the table Gma! That teaches begging behavior!

    So far he doesn't equate the table with food for him. He did get to take a rawhide into his room though.

  3. Three Chinese food fanciers in the family! People and canine after my own heart---er, lo mein!

  4. Careful, any lo mein near Burke might be eaten!