Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Momma had another work event tonight, so when she came home today Daddy surprised her with this lovely present! These are brown rice crispie marshmallow squares! They were fantastically gooey and sweet, but the bright crunch and earth taste of brown rice. It has a much cleaner flavor than white rice, and is less weighty in the long run. Momma's pasta is all brown rice, and while it means longer cooking time, it also means that her pasta hold up well to most sauces and over long lengths of time.

Anyway, humans cannot survive on rice crispie treats alone, so Momma and Daddy had to make some sort of dinner.

Dinner tonight was chicken korma, not the usual use for korma, but as tasty as lamb korma in the parental's opinions.

The korma Momma and Daddy used smelled strongly  of coconut, which was odd for Daddy. It tasted like a good korma should, not too much curry, not too much coconut, but a perfect mix of the two.

To top off the meal, Daddy also heated up some green beans. They were super tasty as well.

I am adjusting well to the sounds here, I bark a lot less than I used to, which makes Momma and Daddy VERY happy! Here I am at Gma Liz's house in NYC. I barked a lot there!

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  1. Those marshmallow treats look yummy. Send me some!