Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Day in a Nutshell

Here is my day! Here is my day in a nutshell: Hi! I'm Burke's day in a nutshell! Let me out, it's cramped in here!

Okay, now that Momma is done being "clever", I thought I'd give you all the skinny on how my Corgi day works!

I have my own room, it's a lovely room! Momma  and Daddy also store their prized washer/dryer in it, so sometimes I have to deal with that making noise. I hate those machines! So loud, so intrusive, so unnecessary for Corgi living. The advantage to these machines, however, can be seen in the left of the photo. That's my bed! I dragged it there myself! I like the warmth and the hiding. When we lived in the other apartment, I liked to conk out in kennel with towels covering me, it turned me into Crouching Burke, Hidden Corgi!

So anyway, my day starts here. I go to bed about 10 most nights, longer depending on how tired I am. I get a bit jumpy when I'm super tired, and that's usually Daddy's cue to gather up my toys and put me to bed. Some nights I get to take a nap with Momma til Daddy goes to sleep, but not as often now.

Daddy usually wakes me up at 11AM, and we go for my morning walkies! I like to have a walkies first thing in the morning, cause I get to stretch and jump and play for a bit before Daddy (or Momma on the weekends) feeds me. I get 2 1/2 cups of food a day, which is perfect for a fat butt like me! The Wii Fit says I weigh 34 lbs, which is a bit much for a Corgi, but I just say I'm big boned. Beefcake!

During the day I like to spend my time one of two places, either conked out on the couch with Daddy, or out on my awesome patio! This is my patio, and that's Uncle Dave's penguin. It's one of Momma's most prized possessions. That's my big bone too, and my water bowl. I haven't wanted to go outside so much recently, it's been really hot and I have a fur coat on, so who want's to be out there in all that? Crazy people, that's who. Crazy!

If I'm not chilling on my patio, I'm in the living room with Daddy. I like to play fetch, tug of war, or just massacre my rawhides during the day.Some days I go back and sleep in my room, some days I crash on the couch next to Daddy. My favorite days are the ones when Daddy goes and reads in the room, and I get to curl up next to him.

Most times when Momma gets home, that's where I am, usually asleep. I know what her car sounds like though, and the second she locks the door, BOOM! Corgi at the front door, waiting! Momma calls me her Itty Bitty Corgi Greeting Committee. She takes me for a walk, and I get to spend the rest of the night cuddling with her, or playing with my toys.

When she and Daddy are ready, one of them makes dinner here. I like to sit at the cook's feet and wait for food. They are pretty good about not dropping it though, which means most night's I'm disappointed. They sit and eat, and Daddy usually puts on music for them to listen to during dinner. It's fairly civilized, which means I get no food at all during their dinner time!

After dinner, Momma washes the dishes, and she and Daddy sit down to watch something on TV. This is when I usually get to sit on the couch and flail around for a bit. This is also when our neighbors come home and I decide to start barking, just in case Momma or Daddy doesn't notice that their are people doing things outside the apartment. This usually doesn't sit well with Momma or Daddy, and then I have to look all sad, even though I know better than to bark. Silly parents, I'm almost 2! That's like being 14 dog years, I'm all about rebellion. Maybe I should get a spiked collar!

At 10, Momma and I go to bed. Momma sometimes stays up later, but she always regrets it in the morning. And that's my day! I'll leave you with a picture of me on Daddy's favorite blanket, which is the comfiest thing in the whole house!


  1. A charmed life!

  2. oh to be a dog. . . i want a nice mellow life. i'll trade with you.