Monday, May 31, 2010

The Return of the Corgi!

So, it's been a really long time since Momma gave me something to post, and I'll show you exactly why:
That, my friends, is a dining room table, with placemats, chairs, salt/pepper, and silverware! This is why Momma or Daddy hasn't made a new dinner in a long time, they were waiting on this beauty. This, combined with the pounds they've been working off on Wii Fit, have made Momma and Daddy feel all grown up and stuff. The table is a lovely hardwood with birch overlay, and the chairs are plywood. It's a real table, and real chairs, and Momma and Daddy are real adults!

To celebrate, they made a real adult meal, Lamb Korma! They went to Whole Foods (adult grocery store!) and picked out a pound and a half of boneless leg of lamb. It was really good lamb too, check out the marbling:
Daddy cut it up into little pieces, and I even got one! Momma and Daddy are talking about feeding me raw food, and so this was kind of a trial to see if I'd take to it, silly parents. I'll eat meat in any form, sometimes not necessarily meat. I'll mostly eat anything, especially if it looks like this:
Here I am waiting patiently:
Anyway, Daddy poured the Korma over the lamb, and it made the most lovely color contrast! Korma is super pretty and flavorful, and this one cooked with the meat to allow the lamb to soak up maximum flavinoids.
Once that was done, and the rice, Momma and Daddy combined to two to make this masterpiece!
Doesn't that look nummy? It was soft and lamby and garlicy and sweet and savory and tasted of cumin and curry. All in all, a successful adult meal. Tomorrow Momma is gonna have to fend for herself, but she won't have to eat it in front of the TV! Meanwhile, I'll be taking up my position under the table, as is a Corgi's rightful hunting ground.

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  1. Burke, I missed you! (Great table, too.)