Thursday, June 3, 2010

When The Fork Stands Up, It's Done

Two posts in one day! Momma is very proud of me!

Dinner tonight was a delicious variation on a previous dinner. Daddy marinated chicken in Chipotle Lime sauce and man did they look tasty! The nice thing about marinades is they can be a "set it and forget it" kinda deal, at least for a day. Daddy let this one soak about 24 hours, and all that meant was the chicken fully absorbed the lime and chipotle, which lead to a piece of chicken with was tart and hot all at once. Momma love Chipotle, and Tabasco Chipotle sauce, so dinner ranked high for her tonight!

 It turns out this kind of chicken dish pairs really well with one of Momma and Daddy's favorite food, smashed potatoes! They don't eat them very often, but they are definitely a favorite! Daddy used a powdered potato this time, it's a lot of work to make them from scratch!

They knew the potatoes were done when the wooden spoon stood straight up, which always makes Momma giggle. Daddy enhanced the mix by adding butter, milk, and a bit of salt. It was delicious, according to Momma. All in all, dinner was a huge success, as was the combination of nice dinner conversation, music, and me taking my place under the table.

I like sitting there, it's warm and I can see where they both are, and sometimes I can lick their feet til I get a belly scratch. They both give great belly scratches!

Momma and I got to play like dogs today! Daddy and I do it all the time, but Momma never plays like that! She and I hunkered down and jumped all over the floor. I think the Wii Fit has made her feel like she's back in Fencing form, which is great for Momma! Maybe we'll start going for runs!

Not likely, but at least she can still do a mile in under 10 minutes!

Anyway, I'm all tired now, so I'm gonna sleep! I have a busy day tomorrow ;)

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  1. What's happening tomorrow, Burke?