Monday, June 7, 2010

But Wait... It's Not Thanksgiving!

Tonight was another major step for Momma, turkey on a day that isn't Thanksgiving! Momma is notorious for only eating turkey on Thanksgiving, and getting all het up about people who offer her turkey on days which aren't Thanksgiving. Today, Momma had to totally change her views, and it was all because of Daddy.

Daddy really like Bolognese. Like, walk across a pit of fire for some. Like, stand in freezing cold water. Like, eat a spider. I hate spiders. Momma hates spiders. Daddy has to kill a lot of spiders, so it's only fair he gets Bolognese with turkey.

Turkey is a nice lean meat, and for some reason it doesn't make Momma feel icky the same way ground beef does. Thus, turkey was the meat of choice! And doesn't it look pretty in that pan, all bubbly and pink and tan. It was super good too! The picture in the sauce is a bit blurry, which Momma is all sound about.

The sauce was from Trader Joe's, and it was fantastic. It had a lot of easily identifiable herbs and spices, and the tomato was rich and creamy. So far everything Momma and Daddy have gotten from Trader Joe's has been superb, I think they don't intend on shopping anywhere else unless it's Whole Foods when it comes to things that require some degree of finesse and specialization. Standard groceries= Kroger though.

There is one place Mom likes to go to get GF stuff though, Meijer. Meijer carries Schar products. Schar is a European company which makes GF pasta and cookies that taste exactly like normal pasta. This is what their fusilli looks like:
Looks like real pasta, right! It tastes like it too! Daddy made pesketti, and he used this handy device from Uncle Hiram to measure a perfect amount:
The sauce was meaty and rich, with hints of cream and the turkey. It soaked up all the flavors and really tasted like much more than simple turkey. All in all, success!
I will end with a picture of what Daddy did to me yesterday, there were lots of stickers!


  1. I swear he liked the stickers!

  2. Burke, I want one of those measuring devices!