Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breakfast Was Mistimed

So tonight Momma and Daddy had breakfast for dinner! How weird is that?

Since they moved, it's been tradition to do brunch on Sunday mornings. Daddy gets up first, and beings to make a mountain of fluffy scrambled eggs, omelettes, juice, and fruit. Sometimes Momma gets up first, and she does her workout while Daddy cooks, sometimes they get up at the same time. Either way, they eat a hearty brunch, and head to their local comic book store to hang out with people there for a bit. Sometimes they go to a Vietnamese bistro next door, and last Sunday they went to see Shrek Forever After. They've missed brunch the past two weeks though, and so they decided to make up for lost time tonight.

Daddy started with bacon from Trader Joe's, and it was fantastic! It was really savory and bacony, with lots of smokey taste and smell. It was a huge bacony success.

Usually Momma has scrambled eggs, but she wanted a change of pace tonight, and so Daddy made her some of his special fried eggs.

He learned to make them from a friend's mom, and showed Momma. She makes pretty good eggs on her own, but she thinks Daddy's are the best there are, which is why he's the brunch man. It just tastes better when he makes food! I agree, his scraps taste better than Momma's. She looks a bit insulted when I type that.... maybe I'll keep that opinion to myself!

The final component of brunch for Momma were two slices of GF bread, which is way denser than normal bread. This makes it perfect egg yolk soaking material. It sponged up all the goodness. Daddy ended with a cinnamon raisin bagel topped with cream cheese and scrambled egg with cheddar. Not the most Kosher of meals, but super tasty!

I hung out under the table, which is where Momma got this shot of me! I was surprised!