Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surprise Dinner!

Tonight's dinner was a surprise Daddy cooked up. Momma and I were in the bedroom listening to music from the 90's, and Daddy strictly forbade us from coming into the kitchen.

It turns out he'd made a tasty skillet! He mixed potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, and eggs into a yummy mish-mash of flavor. It was even tastier when he added in salsa. Daddy is becoming a very good cook, and it certainly makes Momma happy.

Yesterday Momma, Daddy, and Auntie Leila went to see Inception. Momma and Daddy both adore Memento, and so the expectation was high for this movie. Suffice to say, neither of them was disappointed, and they're thinking of going and seeing it again. It's been a busy summer for movies! They've seen Shrek Forever, The A-Team (Momma's favorite), Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, and now Inception. That's more movies than the whole rest of the year!

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  1. Burke,make sure they take you to see "Cats and Dogs."