Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Corgi Bells!

So, for those of you who don't know, Momma and Daddy are getting married next August. What this means is that Momma is running around frantically trying to get everything in place, and Daddy is sitting there looking at her like she's a crazy woman.

Today, however, every thing fell into place, at least in one aspect of the wedding. The dress is found! This makes Momma a lot less nervous, and Daddy still thinks she's crazy.

Momma and Daddy both went to the gym today, and Momma did yoga as well. She's only a few ounces off her weight goal, which makes her super giddy. Daddy is hitting the elliptical hard, and he's rebuilding all his muscles. They're a very health conscious couple, which is why tonight's dinner is pot roast. That's right, pot roast.

To prepare for my Daily Corgi debut, Momma asked me to post what she considers quintessential "Burke" pictures, so here a year in my life!
This is me as a little puppy, when Momma and Daddy first brought me home. That's Squidbilly, he was my favorite toy ever, but I accidentally destroyed him in a FRAP, and now all that's left is a tiny little bit of him. I miss him a lot.
This is me with Uncle Fitz. I also miss Uncle Fitz.
Here I am nomming on Momma's finger. Fingers, while a tasty toy, are not for nomming apparently. I wish someone had told me before I nommed. 
Here I am under the couch. I used to be able to fit under there with no problem, but now that I am a fat butt, I can't fit there. Here I am also nomming paper towels, another non-nomable. 
This is The Burke Picture according to Momma. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here, but I know I wanted it badly!
Corgi stare!
Corgi smile!
Corgi 'Sup.
HAI! I'm a Corgi! Love me!
Me and Momma lie in the sun. You can kinda see my frisbee as well, I love frisbees!
See! I love my frisbee!
Last but not least, Old Man Winter Corgi!

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  1. Old Man Winter Corgi is probably my favorite picture of Burke ever.