Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Momma came home from work today and just went BOOM! She'd had an event for ReadUP, and was so tired from standing and running for 2 hours that she just fell asleep on the couch. Even my snuffling at her with my nose didn't wake her! When she finally got up, she zombied me outside to do my business, and then she and Daddy got down to the business of dinner.

Now, Momma and Daddy are as adventurous as the next couple when it comes to dinner. They like to try new things all the time. Daddy's favorite food is Crawfish Etoufee, Momma's is Reindeer Medallions, but on days like today, only one food will do. Mac and Cheese.

When Momma went Gluten Free, she despaired of ever finding a mac and cheese which matched Kraft for oranginess and fake cheese taste. It's the kind of mac and cheese that hard days just scream for, the kind where you know your arteries are shriveling up and dying just thinking about. It's the best food in the whole wide world when you're sad or stressed, it just tastes like childhood. Momma used to mix rice pasta with Kraft cheese powder, but even the powder has Gluten in it now, so that idea fell by the wayside She'd given up, until they went to Trader Joe's and found this gem.
This is Trader Joe's Rice Pasta and Cheddar. It's almost a prefect carbon copy of Kraft, only GF and about a million times healthier. No plastic cheese, powdered cheddar, no clogging wheat, tasty rice. It's heaven in a box.

It tastes exactly like Kraft with one major expectation, the pasta. Rice pasta looks super weird to me, it's all white and glassy and not at all like real pasta. It bites cleaner, and it fills you up a lot faster than normal pasta. Just look at that noodle! Look how weird it is! Momma told me to stop insulting her food if I still want to be fed, but look at it! Look at that noodle!
Anyway, enough about Momma's weird noodle. For comparison, this is Momma's Mac and Cheese:
And this is Daddy's Mac and Cheese:
Don't look too different, do they? They don't taste very different either!

So, this coming Monday, I'll be the Dog of the Day over at the Daily Corgi:
I'll have lots of pictures and a link to this blog, so you should come look at me there! I'll be the cute corgi, which is tough considering how many cute corgis there are over there!
Momma is making noises about soaking her feet, so I'm gonna go and stand outside the bathroom door and stare at her, It's what I do best. 


  1. A very discerning commentary on Mac and Cheese. Go, Burke!

  2. I consider myself an expert on Mac and Cheese!