Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Has Momma Been?

Morning everyone! Momma has been really lazy updating, hasn't she? She insists it's cause she's been so busy with work, but I think she's just lazy.

Momma really wanted me to talk to you about something very near and dear to her heart today, Jewish Comfort Food.

Momma is 100% Jewish, which she likes to say means that she never shuts up, is great at guilt, and can cook a mean chicken soup. Most Jewish food is wheat heavy though, and now that Momma is GF, it's been a bit frustrating for her. There is one thing she can eat that isn't wheat though, and that is Kasha.

Kasha is a buckwheat grain made with chicken broth, butter, and eggs. It's flavorful, mixes great with bow tie pasta, and is real soup for the Jewish soul.

Daddy has been in VA for the last few days visiting family, which has left Momma with the task of making dinner for herself. She's a great cook, no question about it, the woman can make a meal out of sludge. Last night she was missing Daddy and feeling kinda homesick, and so she decided to make Kasha. When it's done well, it's soft and savory and filling. Momma did not do it well.

She burned the living daylights out of the thing. I've never heard so much swearing! She turned the air blue! I was sitting there with my peanut butter bone, happily nomming away, and then BOOM! Momma is saying stuff that would make a sailor blush.

She resorted to quinoa, which she's not capable of screwing up, but I know she's all rrrrr about it still.

She's been going to the gym every day while Daddy's gone too, and tomorrow she'll meet with the trainer on her own. It's gonna hurt, but it will make her a better Momma.

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