Monday, July 5, 2010

I Haz A Nemesis!

Most corgi's have something they don't like. My half sister Lucy, a Cardi, hates trams. Daddy lived with her in Belgium for a while, and she hated the sounds and being on them so much, that she freaks out at them. Me, I have the Wii Fit Balance Board. This is the offender, this white square of hatred:
It used to be that the area in the apartment between the couch and the TV was my territory. I could leave my toys there, I could sprawl out wherever I wanted, and no one said anything to me. Momma and Daddy gathered up my toys and put them to bed with me, but that was it, no more and no less. 

That all changed after Daddy's birthday. Gma Liz got him the Wii and the Wii Fit, and my lovely space was mine no longer, it belonged to the board. Usually the board lives under the couch, but once a day when Momma gets home, and twice a day if Daddy uses it, the board comes out of hiding and disrupts my life.
Momma and Daddy park it right in front of the tv and then use it for an hour! They step up and down, they twist, they lunge, and Momma even lies on the floor and does the jackknife. The worst part is, when they're on the floor they're usually playing with me! But when the board is out, they're working out, so I can't play with them. Momma pushes me away when I try and jump on her while she's doing Plank and Downward Facing Dog, that one is even named for me! 

Anyway, I hate the Wii Balance Board, but Momma in particular loves it, she's getting all toned and healthy. It weighs me too, and it told Momma and Daddy that I was getting to be a fat Butt, so now I get less food. Stupid Wii. Look at my butt, does it look fat to you?



    Eeehehehehee. <3


    He has pantaloons

  3. Stop complaining, Burke, and get with the program!