Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ours is Not to Reason Why, Ours it to OMNOMNOMCHICKEN!

Dinner for the last two nights in a row has been chicken. Now, this isn't unusual in most households, but Momma is pretty much a vegetarian. She is super picky about her meats, how they're cooked, and with what side dishes come along for the ride.

When Daddy made dinner last night, he only needed three chicken breasts, but Momma bought six. So for dinner last night it was Momma's turn to bust out an old favorite. Long and far away in some galaxy I've never been to, back when Momma was eating wheat, she and Daddy made a dish with cajun spiced chicken and pasta. This is Momma's secret recipe chicken, her Mona Lisa, her David, her Prima Porta. This is Momma's Divine Comedy. Have I made enough Classical allusions to make my point?

This chicken is spicy, garlicy, and moist. She'll never tell how she makes it either, at least not to people who aren't Daddy. Apparently he knows, but I can't get him to talk!

While Momma worked in secret clandestineness making her tasty chicken, Daddy continued to perfect one of his favorite recipes, smashed potato! Daddy makes them from scratch, this time he used red potato, chives, basil, some milk, and salted butter. He started by quartering and boiling the potatoes, boiled them into submission, and then SMASHED! He was The Hulk for a very brief period. DADDY SMASH!

This dish used to be made with pasta, and part of why it was so good was the pasta was sauced with the chicken. Momma used to use a lot of oil and butter to make a base sauce to cook the chicken in, but they're more health conscious now. Dinner worked out nicely because the chicken wasn't too saucy for the potatoes. It was a great success! Also, ever notice how the food on Momma's plate never touches? Isn't that weird?
Oh well! To each his own creepy OCD thing! For me, it's my frisbee. If you throw it for me, I will not stop bringing it back until you are down an arm, or patience, which ever comes first!