Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tasty Chicken Thingy I Can't Spell!

There is nothing tastier than the mixing of chicken and vegetables. The chicken mixes in so tasty with the veggies, and then the tomatoes make tasty broth and mmmmmmm.....

What? Sorry? Huh? I think I was supposed to write a post about how tasty the dinner Daddy made tonight was, but I got distracted by how good it was. Circular issue, much?

Dinner started with this mixture of tomatos and spices:
Daddy added in this mixture of bell peppers and onions, as well as some mushrooms:
This all got poured over the chicken, this chicken:

What it ended up being was this luscious mixture of chicken, sweet tomatos, tangy bell peppers, the bite of oregano, and the earthy goodness of the baby bella mushrooms. It was light and savory, and a really lovely dish overall. It sat nicely on the plate, was extremely filling, and very very yummy.
Look at how pretty that is on the red plate! Apparently red makes you feel full faster, who knew?

Momma and Daddy have been hitting the gym pretty hard, none of Momma's pants fit correctly, and Daddy needs a smaller belt! It's kinda awesome. Here's a picture of me at Gma Liz's house, I like to crawl underneath things a lot.

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