Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Kingdom For Daddy's Lamb

Daddy is a great cook. He's always trying new foods, branching out into vast unexplored territory, forging his own culinary path. He's the Indiana Jones of the house. Momma is more the Marion Ravenwood, content to stay in her comfortable little bar, but totally down for the adventure if it comes along.

To reinforce this point, dinner tonight for Daddy was an adventure of mashed potatoes and impromptu meatloaf sandwich of tasty. Momma made that quinoa shrimp thing she has down to a science.

Another great example is what Daddy made Saturday night. Earlier in the day, they took a trip to Whole Foods, and Daddy acquired this lamb. It's great lamb, well marbled and thick. Best of all, not too expensive. Daddy got this last time they went too, and that became the tasty lamb korma he loves. This time though, the butcher suggested something wholly new for Daddy, Capetown Lamb. Daddy had never heard of it before, but the butcher described a lamb containing mustard, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and the luscious lamb. It was the Ark of the Covenant of lamb, the Holy Grail of lamb, the Temple of Doom of lamb! It wasn't the Crystal Skull of lamb though, that lamb would have been good until the last little bit and then you'd discover you'd actually been eating chicken and not lamb at all and you have to demand your $7 back from someone AND DAMMIT GEORGE LUCAS!

Sorry, got off track.

Anyway, Daddy couldn't resist this lamb. He had to try it. He started with the sauce. It looks kinda goopy right? Not for long though. Hours and hours of stirring later (and by hours I mean 15 minutes) he had this smooth and savory glaze for the lamb. See original on left, delicious glaze on left. The marinated lamb is below

The lamb marinated for hours and hours until all the sauce glaze soaked into the skin, and then Daddy popped it into the oven. This is what came out:
If Daddy wasn't about to marry Momma, I think he would have married the cookbook, or the lamb. Pee Wee Herman style! The lamb was sweet from the brown sugar, crispy and salty, hot from the mustard. All in all, the perfect food for a weary professor back from discovering lost artifacts and saving damsels in distress.

It's been nice and cool the last few days, and today after she got home from work Momma took me outside for frisbee! I'm out of shape though, I could only play hardcore fetch for 10 minutes. My record is an hour! I miss my dog park, I have no doggy friends here, none of the apartment dogs want to play with me. They're all chicken. I miss Bo!  Will you frisbee with me?

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  1. Burke, the lamb sounds delicious. Post the recipe for the glaze, please!