Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whirlwind Corgi Week!

Many things have happened since I posted last! Momma and Daddy went to the wedding of two really close friends in DC, Momma's job made her head explode, and I go to play with kids for four days!

So, first off, the wedding! Momma and Daddy's college friends Nathan and Annalee had a wonderful Quaker wedding. It was in a meeting house in Langley, right near where Grandpa Don lives! Momma told me that the wedding was beautiful and very moving, which once again made her cry. Momma is like a waterfall at weddings. Daddy just sighs and hangs his head, he's a brave man.

I got to play with lots of kids! Momma and Daddy's friends Jim and Barb took care of me, and I got a whole four days of fetch and belly rubs. It was sublime, and I can't wait to go back!

Momma's job has ramped up, that's really all she has to say, or rather all I want to hear. It's just like listening to Charlie Brown adults...

Anyway, dinner tonight was awesome! Daddy took some bland Alfredo sauce and spiced it up with parmesan cheese, basil, pepper, and oregano, and then had ziti while Momma had Quinoa pasta. That's right, she can now indulge her Quinoa obsession in both pasta and grain form. I will never understand that woman.

Daddy's Alfredo sauce is complex, the basil jumps out at you right away, but the whole thing finishes clean with the cheeses. He's a master of sauces! Just as he is a master of sauces, so too am I a master of TOUNGE!

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  1. Welcome back, Burke. I've missed you!