Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad Momma!

Momma did something bad today... she had real pasta. In her defense, there was carbonara, and friends, and Daddy makes really good carbonara! Momma and Daddy's friend Leila came home from college, and so she came over for dinner! It was awesome, and I jumped on her, and she played tug of war with me, and then I wouldn't stop jumping, and so I had to sit outside the whole time she was there. I don't know why this always happens! They have friends over, and I won't leave them alone, and then I don't get to play anymore. It's not fair.

Anyway, Daddy's carbonara is the best carbonara in the world! It's all garlicy and bacony and tastes of CHEESE. The bacon and the CHEESE is the best part. Daddy mixes it with all the best spices, like basil and garlic and garlic and cheese. And did I mention cheese?
Look at that! Look at the cheese! Look at the bacon! Look at the basil! LOOK!

Also, Leila brought tasty salad! Doesn't it look all pretty and orange and carroty and yum? So yeah, good dinner! Momma and Daddy were super happy to see Leila, and all was well in their world. Meanwhile,  I was exiled. EXILED! I'm going to stage a coup, just you wait...

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  1. Burke, with those teeth, you're practically a nature-made spaghetti scoop!