Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, as I said, Momma got kinda lazy these last few months. She's had work, and stuff... yeah.... stuff...

But I'm back! For my first post, I must discuss Momma and Daddy's deep love of Cajun cuisine. They would eat it all day long. Daddy dreams of Jambalaya, Momma is partial to Red Beans and Sausage. She is all about spicy, and Daddy loves sausage. Their favorite place in Indianapolis is called Yats. It's cost effective, has huge portions, and is really great Cajun food.

Daddy's favorite dish is their Chili Cheese Etoufee, and he has long searched for the recipe. He found it last week, and eagerly gathered the ingredients. Momma and I waited with anticipation for the dish, Momma with more anticipation than me cause I don't get any again.

This is how it starts out, simply veggies, a roux, and chicken broth. Daddy mixed it and mixed it, and let is simmer and soak and break down.

The longer it soaks, the better is smells, and the better it smells the more jealous I get of my humans. They eat the tastiest food, and they never share. Sure, I get apples from time to time, and I get eggs on my birthday, but do I ever get stuff that looks this good? Do I? Never! Stupid round kibble bits.

After a good length of time, the veggies and the roux break down into this tastiness, the beginning of etoufee, the nectar of the gods.

Basically, at this point Momma and Daddy sat down for about a half hour or so, and Momma ended up playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii. I hate that game, she jumps around the house and flails and makes me listen to Ke$ha. I hate Ke$ha. She has a dollar sign in her name. How is that proper spelling, I ask you!
Once Momma was done torturing my eardrums, the etoufee was ready to be consumed. Look how thick it is, so thick and tasty... soooo tasty.... why do they deny me the food?

They ate it all in front of me, all soaked up with rice and shredded cheese.... droooool.

It's okay though, I'm still gangsta.


  1. Welcome back, Burke.

  2. Awwww...Burke!!! I'm so glad you're blogging again!! :D I love hearing about your humans' eating adventures (tell them I miss them!!), and you really make me laugh. They were talking about Ke$ha on Glee last night and the principal of the school was calling her "Key-money sign-ha". It was really funny :D. Also...you make a really cute gangster :D