Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Second Best Burger Ever!

Momma was born  in New Haven Connecticut, a college town best known for two things, Yale and great food. New Haven boasts the best pizza in the world - Pepe's, the best coffee shop in the world- Atticus, and the best (and first) burger in the world- Louis' Lunch.

To understand Louis' Lunch and what makes it the best burger in the world, you have to understand how the burgers are made. Momma has told me this story in the same tone of voice she uses to tell me myths, so it must be important.

Louis' makes their burgers with minimal seasoning, no ketchup, and no fuss. They cook upright in a 100 plus year old grill, and when you order you can only get cheese or no cheese and tomato or no tomato. There are no buns, only bread slices, and to bite into one is to bite in to the juiciest, most savory, most intense burger ever. Seriously, these burgers are like a religion for Momma and her brother.

Tonight, Daddy made this for dinner:
This is easily the second best burger Momma has ever eaten, Louis's will always come in first. This burger is another creation out of the Barbecue Bible, it's a burger with avocado and Brie, and it is amazing. The avocado was sweet and cold, the brie salty and melted, and the burger medium well and hot. The flavors blended together with the Udi's Gluten Free bread Momma used to keep it all together. It was a meal beyond a meal, a veritable meal of the gods. In short, the perfect reward for making it through a training session and a tough half a week.
Doesn't that look so good? Doesn't that look like something you'd want to just sink your teeth into and never let go? It's gonna be dinner again tomorrow night!

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